At Gales, we take the time to explain your medication, go over proper usage, as well as possible side effects and reactions.


Prescription Refills are easy and accurate. We also help with Prescription Transfer.

Our pharmacy make’s every effort to meet the needs of you and your family, not every person is the same, so why should every prescription be? Compounding is the ability to prepare personalized medication. Countless medications come in a tablet form, which is not suitable for all patients. Our pharmacist can take the active ingredients and create a prescription specifically tailored for each patient. Compounding medications is a wonderful idea for kids, elderly and even pets!

We know life is busy. Let us save you a trip and get your prescriptions, supplements and other over the counter products delivered straight to your door. Contact Gale’s Pharmacy today for delivery details. 

We offer all immunizations approved by the Board of Pharmacy.

At Gale’s Pharmacy our goal is that you get the best care possible. Through MTM we aim to optimize the therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications that you may be taking. We meet with you and asses the prescriptions you are on and the possible interaction and side effects they may have. We then formulate a personalized treatment plan just for you. We continue to monitor your care and education you along the way.

Reduce your trips to the pharmacy and improve your ability to take your medications as prescribed through our Medication Synchronization program. Med sync lets you to pick up of all of your current prescription refills at the pharmacy on a particular day each month and allows you to work closely with the pharmacist at Gale’s on sticking to your medication regimen. This service is especially helpful for people who take multiple, monthly medications such as those with chronic illness or the elderly, along with caregivers or family members responsible for helping them manage their prescription refills.

At Gale’s you are treated like a member of the family. We take the time to explain your medication, go over proper usage, as well as possible side effects and reactions.

Do you have a picky child in your home? Flavoring is just the thing to win over their taste buds. The staff at Gale’s can flavor your child’s medication, making taking medicine easier for your little one.

We offer a complete line of sports gels and nutrition bars for the active athlete in your home.

We carry a full line of vitamins to meet all of your health needs.

Transferring prescriptions is easy at Gale’s. Simply contact your Doctor and request an electronic prescription list be sent to Gale’s Pharmacy. It is that easy!